How to Choose a Hosting Plan

When you are looking for the right hosting plan for your website, you will have to make evaluations based upon your technical needs and budget. Web is flooded with offers and it becomes difficult for customers who are relatively less informed to make a choice between companies following ethical business practices and companies driven by plain gimmicks.

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One company advertises a website hosting plan with 200MB and associated features with a price tag of INR 100 per month and in sharp contrast another advertiser advertises 2GB for same features and same price!

Point is, it’s you who has to decide as to what is your need, because both the Vendors know that actually you will be using a maximum of probably 50 MB space for your site content and e-mails and you are not actually going to travel overseas, walk into the server room to have a peep at your space allocation table!

First step, rather most important thing that needs to be determined is what platform you need:

Windows hosting or Linux Hosting

If not specified, the web developer is going to develop your website using open source PHP based platform or asp.Net depending upon developer’s convenience and available capabilities. SO don’t buy web space without determining the actual technology platform that will be deployed for development.
Choose a Linux server for a PHP based environment and a windows server if development is going to be in asp.Net.

Determining-Server space requirement

Data: Most websites need less than 50 megabytes of space, unless you use lots of high resolution images, video and audio clips, in that case you will be needing more space and you got to evaluate what would be the approx. size of the data in form of images, audio and video.

E-Mail Accounts: Rest of the space purchased is meant for e-mail accounts and in this regard “unlimited E-mail Accounts”, is yet another jargon that needs to be actually overlooked because space allocation to each specific E-Mail id has to be taken into account:

You buy 200 MB web space – set aside 50MB for website data
You have 150MB left, you can create 3 mail id’s with 50MB for each mail id or minimum 10 MB per mail account x 10 mail accounts = 150 MB


Bandwidth implies to your data transfer needs. Simple formula is: page size (including clips and graphics) multiplied by page views per month. So, if you have 1000 hits to your main page that is 1 megabyte every month, then that is 1000 MB or 1 GB per month.

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