• Domain Name Registration - FAQ

  • What is a domain name?

  • Domain names are hostnames that provide more memorable names to stand in for numeric IP addresses
    - By allowing the use of unique alphabetical addresses instead of numeric ones, domain names allow Internet users to more easily find and communicate with web sites.

    URL: http://www.createsoftsolutions.com/index.html
    Domain name: www.createsoftsolutions.com

    "Registered domain name: createsoftsolutions.com

  • What is ICANN?

  • The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for managing and coordinating the Domain Name System (DNS) to ensure that every address is unique and that all users of the Internet can find all valid addresses. It does this by overseeing the distribution of unique IP addresses and domain names. It also ensures that each domain name maps to the correct IP address.
    ICANN is also responsible for accrediting the domain name registrars. "Accredit" means to identify and set minimum standards for the performance of registration functions, to recognize persons or entities meeting those standards, and to enter into an accreditation agreement that sets forth the rules and procedures applicable to the provision of Registrar Services.
  • What is InterNIC?

  • The InterNIC website is operated by ICANN to provide the public information regarding Internet domain name registration services.
  • How do I start using my domain name?

  • Upon registration, your domain name 'points' to our servers. If you have free space (from AOL or geocities, for example) we can 'forward' (redirect) your name to that space. Or you can open a web hosting account with a web provider and have the name 're-pointed' to their servers.
  • What is a Top Level Domain or TLD?

  • It is the rightmost component in a domain name. There are two different types of Top Level Domains (TLD): Generic and National. A Generic TLD such as (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .name and .info) describes the purpose of the organization or entity to which the domain name is registered. Generic TLDs do not differentiate between geographic locations. A National TLD (.au, .ca, in, .uk, and .us) specifies the country or territory of the registered domain name owner. National domains may be restricted to registration for citizens or organizations in that country.
  • What do some of the top level domains mean?

.com Commercial and business sites.

.net Internet Service Providers, or ISPs.

.org Non-profit organizations.

.biz Commercial and business sites.

.info Informational web sites.

.name Personal sites (i.e. john.smith.name)

.ca Organizations located in Canada

.in Organizations located in India

.uk Organizations located in the United Kingdom

.us Organizations located in United States of America

  • How do I know if a domain name is available or taken?

  • There are many domains that are already registered, but do not have web site. Just because a web site doesn't exist doesn't mean the domain name is already taken. Use our domain name search tool to find an available domain.
  • How do I book my domain name?

  • Follow below mentioned steps to book your domain name:
  • Search - Enter the domain name you want to register and click “Search”, Upon availability proceed by selecting “book” if the domain name selected by you is not available try another name as above.
  • Book option will prompt you to provide registrant details ie. Name and address of registrant.
  • Alternatively Contact us for making your domain name registration.
  • Choosing the right domain for Domain Registration

  • Make sure your domain name reflects your business, your customers and any existing identity. Make it short and intuitive.