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Search Engine Optimization – Key to Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Optimization – Key to Search Engine Rankings

For e-businesses to sustain and flourish in the highly competitive marketplace, they have to stay ahead of the competition in search engine listings for relevant/targeted keyword. The demand for search engine optimization of websites is soaring at a very high rate, as a result hiring services of experienced SEO experts for website promotion and marketing is becoming a necessity. However should u decide to use the DIY (Do it yourself) approach then it’s important that following factors are considered with due diligence

Quality Content

Quality Content is one of the topmost factors to attract great many authentic visitors to your website. Depending upon how invested you are in your web project you either personally or professionally get the content created. This would include the text content and the images of your product/services. So if you are in a position to write good content on a personal level, go right ahead or you can hire services of content writers.

Since visual appeal plays a very important role in attracting interests it is always a good idea to have images taken via a professional photo shoot or purchased online from image selling websites. Ensure one comes out clean with respect to copyright issues.

Content – Search Engine Optimization & fine tuning

Text. Images & HTML

  • Originality & relevance of the content being the primary factors, it goes without saying that the website content needs to be regularly updated.
  • Content author need to understand the difference between web content and content written for offline references.
  • Search Engine Optimized Content: Web content has to be necessarily search optimized such that important keywords and key phrases are optimally used on the web page such that no usage is a negative and over stuffing again a negative.
  • Optimal use of meta title & description tags in html – it’s important to understand that meta tags help search engines understand the content on a page. A page’s title tag and meta description are usually shown whenever that page appears in search engine results.
  • Relevant name of web pages, each web page URL should be named in an appropriate manner. For instance a page written about ‘Search Engine Optimization’ should be in a most appropriate manner name as or instead of
  • Relevant name of images/graphics – it is ideal that every image or graphic used across the web site pages bear the true name. Therefore an image/illustration of social bookmarking be named as social-bookmarking-services.jpg instead of IMG_4153.jpg. And do not smash all the words together into one big word as jpg
  • In this same context it is very important that each and every image including icons have an alt text attribute that describes what image is being used.
  • Hyphen & Underscore: You may use hyphens in image or file names but don’t use underscore; Google crawlers treat a hyphen as a word separator, but do not treat an underscore that way. Google treats an underscore as a word joiner, e.g. social_bookmarking is the same as social bookmarking to Google.
  • Avoid under construction pages.
  • Enable Social Sharing Option

Cross Device Optimization

A responsive website is what takes to make a device compatible across different devices such as a desktop, mobile or a tab. A responsive website adds to the SEO quotient.

Above mentioned are some of the key factors for an effective SEO strategy As I mentioned earlier these tips would come really handy if you ‘do it yourself’ or you can talk to us we are a very experienced web design, development & digital marketing company in Delhi offering our services since 1998.


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