WordPress and BlockChain: Combination for Generations

Confused? Puzzled between the combination of the two? One being a Web development giant and other being a distributed ledger technology and we are talking about the combination of the two. Well Yes. The world is evolving and so are we. And with such rapid and extensive rate of change, our methods of making payments and their acceptance globally also need to be looked upon. First let’s learn about the basics of the two and then we will look upon their combo.

1) Blockchain

It is a distributed ledger technology that saves all the data transaction that takes place on its platform in a safe and cryptic form. All the data is stored in a permanent and cryptic way so it is supreme secure. Another feature of it is that all the data is stored in different blocks and these blocks are stored across the network interlinked with each other. If someone wants to make changes to a piece of information then the whole chain of blocks needs to be altered. This makes any stored information pretty secure and tamper-free.

2) WordPress

WordPress is a widely used Website Development platform that’s supremely easy-to-use and the most sought after web development platform. It’s various features like free plugins, user-friendly administration dashboard, availability in all languages makes it perfect for everyone to use.

Combining the two, Quite literally
We all know the havoc that Cryptocurrency created. Despite of it being a bit difficult to understand, we all know that it’s the glimpse of the future. As the world is framing digitally with each passing day, we all need to know that cryptocurrency will be our future. And if we talk about the almighty Bitcoin payments on a WordPress website, then Blockchain will be doing the needful for us. There are a variety of reasons that would complement this approach for us.

a) Worldwide Acceptance

If we talk about payment criteria on an e-commerce website, then we all know that we are handcuffed because of the locations. There are restrictions on payments at certain places which is a problem for the user there. With Bitcoin being globally accepted all around the globe, we are looking at a solution to this problem.

b) Confidentiality

With Bitcoin powered WordPress websites, we can assure ample amount of security to the users. With Blockchain being the payment gateway involved, there is no threat to the user data anywhere.

c) Data Security

This is the main concern of all the people that deflects them from using online portals. There is always a doubt about data breaching somewhere. With Blockchain’s data encryption feature that stores data cryptographically, it makes it super difficult for the hackers to breach into the data.

With such unique features that these two has to offer, one thing is certain that consumer will be completely benefitted with this. WordPress would provide an unparalleled web development experience to the user while Blockchain would be extensively managing the user confidentiality that would benefit the user in every way possible.

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